Eye Center of Texas


We wanted to create a branding system that was a manifestation of their previous identity as it was important for this transition to feel like an evolution. Additionally, we kept in mind that this new design system would need to work within a variety of scenarios and alongside lengthy content.

Our design team decided to recreate their palette of deep red and navy blue using a more vibrant red paired with the same blue. For added flexibility, we integrated secondary colors that are less saturated and fall within the greenish-blue family. As for typefaces, we wanted to choose something that spoke to their prestigious level of care and to the bold, state-of-the-art technological abilities of their service. Ultimately, we went with Playfair Display for titles and IBM Plex Sans for the body.

The solutions

We created an infrastructure that elevated the importance of content strategy to optimize for search results. DevOps and technology team worked to prevent security issues and bugs during and after the development phase. We worked diligently to establish a site system of components that were reusable for new pages, profiles, services and ongoing updates. The user flow was also improved by decisions such as reducing the number of forms a potential patient needed to fill out and intuitive navigation between topics.